Kids College Cycle of Continual Improvement

Kids College is dedicated to exceeding the national standards for childcare and education. Our philosophy is reflective of our shared values and is embedded into every aspect of our service. Our practices are informed by critical reflection and are shaped by our meaningful engagement and partnership with our families and our community.  This is our cycle of continual improvement.

The National Quality Standards have 7 quality areas and 40 elements.

Over the course of a year we take every elementof the National Quality Standards (NQS) and explore what best practice is in that area.


  1. Research each element

Our first step is to fully understand that element. We do this by fully exploring the NQS Guideto that element as well as all the aspects and initiatives that could guide us. We do a self-assessment to see what we are currently doing and to identify further actions we could take.


  1. Engage with families and community

The next step is to engagemeaningfully with our families and community. We reach out in a number of ways, via our open facebook page our website, emails and chats in person. It is important to us to view each element through different eyes and gain a full picture of what that element looks like from all different perspectives. Every education and care service is unique, as are the children, families, and community at the service. This theme recognises that high quality practice is informed by and tailored to the unique strengths and needs of children, families and the community.


  1. Critically reflect on our shared views

We then critically reflect on that element, asking ourselves what that really means for us and how we are acting in the best interests of the children and what that looks like for our unique community. This involves searching out ideas, researching topics and actively bringing our values to life. This informs our philosophy, policies, procedures, actions and our QIP. We consider, question, analyse and re-evaluate planning and decision-making for that element. This supports a culture of ongoing self-assessment that helps identify continuous improvement and improved outcomes for children, families and educators.


  1. Embed into our every day actions

Once we have a fully informed idea of what that element is for us take steps to embed these values into our every day actions, practices and policies. This theme means that high quality practice for the standard is demonstrated consistently and frequently across the service. This ensures a sense of continuity and predictability for children.


  1. Quality improvement plan for that element

We have a quality Improvement plan (QIP), which is our fancy to-do list and details our practices and our evidence of how we follow our philosophy.


  1. Philosophy link for that element

Kids College philosophy is informed by our Kids College families, children, staffing team and our community. This is our values statement about what it is we believe in. We link each element of the NQS into our philosophy.


We are continually searching for new and exciting initiatives and continue our journey every day to be the best we can be. This allows us to be current and up to date moving with the needs of our families and the greater climate of early childhood education.


This then feeds back into the process of continual improvement.


Kids College is the special place it is because of our shared community.

Get involved and join in the conversation.

Go to visit our Kids College facebook site, email our office on, join our email list, let us know your views and areas of expertise or simply come and chat with us.


Proud to display our Exceeding Childcare Centre Award



Our practice is shaped by meaningful engagement with our families and community. If you could add something to our program, come up with great ideas, or know of resources or people we can contact could please send us an email on as we really do value your input.

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