Kids College is a quality childcare centre with an EXCEEDING THE NATIONAL STANDARDS rating. Kids College is proudly owned and managed by the Scafidas family. We were very lucky and finally had our dream come true, to create a wonderful loving childcare for children to enjoy and for parents to trust. Nicholas and Craig Scafidas are our Directors, Wendy is our Administration Manager and Jennifer is our Manager, Nominated Supervisory Officer and Educational Leader. Our beautiful 16-year-old and 13 year old daughters provide expert opinion on all things fun.

With such a strong involved management team it is important to all of us to choose dedicated early childhood education professionals to work with. Our staff team is highly qualified but most importantly have a love for children and a passion for childcare in their blood.

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Proud of our team of early childhood educators

We are particularly proud of our staff team at Kids College. We consider great people our biggest asset and greatest opportunity. Our staff team are extremely carefully chosen and are constantly encouraged to be the very best they can be. Our staffing team are chosen for their true love, dedication and passion to working with children to not just care but educate the precious little ones entrusted into our care. We are careful who we welcome into the Kids College family and ensure we build the very best early childhood education team for your child to enjoy.

Long term relationships with our families

We have such wonderful long-term relationships with our families and that connection, trust and friendship built is the foundation for our exceptional program of early childhood learning. It also reassures our parents we are doing the best by their children and continuing children’s learning every day. Parents also need to build a bond with the educators who look after their children and build that trust needed to leave your child with someone they feel comfortable with. It is worth the extra time, money and effort to create the best quality staff team for our precious Kids College families and children.

Educator qualifications and ratios

To make sure they’re giving children quality care, early childhood education and care services must follow rules about qualifications and ratios of educators for the number of children.

We go above and beyond the normal ratios and qualifications requirements. We have a room head teacher for each age group (with some age groups having two group leaders to help ease the work load and create a better quality care for children) and fantastic quality assistants in each room. We do have a number of positions that allow us access to only the staff we know and love very well to take over shifts in cases where staff members fall ill or are on leave. This ensures we have adequate staffing numbers all the time and at no time do we have strangers in our centre.

Kids College staff team are chosen carefully and all have their, working with children checks, national police clearance, medical certificate and immunisation records. We do regular training in Child development, Asthma first aid, Anaphylaxis first aid, Child Protection, Occupational health and safety, Food safety and many more. All our staff have their Senior First Aid certificates. Our room heads have either a Bachelor of Teaching degree, Diploma in Children’s Services (Child care) or Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services (Child care). Jennifer conducts a whole year worth of professional development each year to strengthen our team.

Family of professionals

Qualifications are essential to some positions, but it is the innate character of every staff member that makes them a loved member of the Kids College team. Educators, co-ordinators and staff members work collaboratively and affirm, challenge, support and learn from each other to further develop their skills, to improve practice and relationships. Simply put, we are a family of professionals loving our children every day.

Early childhood educators are experts in learning through play

One of the keyways children learn in their early years is through play. Play lets children experiment with the world around them and figure out how things work. Whether its storytelling and reading, singing songs, making animal noises or building a tower of blocks, its all learning. In a high-quality early childhood service, well-trained and qualified educators give your child lots of play based learning opportunities. 

Culture of continuous learning

We hold monthly staff meetings which focus heavily on collaboration and teamwork. We have a continuous critical review system, which looks at issues such as program quality, environment design, equity and children’s wellbeing. There is a strong commitment to continuous learning, not just signing up trainees but actually fostering an environment where learning takes place through various avenues every day. At each staff meeting we go over different NQS area’s and principles and ensure a valuable training if conducted every time. Kids College staff team are keen to take on new challenges and different forms of training formally and informally by reading and constantly reviewing their knowledge.

Kids College celebrating our team of early childhood educators

Early Childhood Educators Day recognises and celebrates the work of Australia’s educators in early learning centres for their wonderful contribution to the wellbeing and healthy development of the young children in their care. It’s a chance to say thank you to Australia’s early childhood educators on a very personal level by service operators, families and their children, as well as collectively at the national level. This is usually held in September each year. 

Quote from Kids College Philosophy

 ‘We believe in our team of enthusiastic educators who genuinely enjoy being part of children’s lives and enjoy creating warm responsive relationships with a foundation based in secure bonding and attachments.’

National Quality Standards

4.1.1 The organisation of educators across the service supports children’s learning and development.

4.1.2 Every effort is made for children to experience continuity of educators at the service.

4.2.1 Management, educators and staff work with mutual respect and collaboratively, and challenge and learn from each other, recognising each other’s strengths and skills.


At Kids College we work each day embedding our values and philosophy into each facet of what we do. We continually improve our practices by critically reflecting and engaging in meaningful relationships with our community and for this we need your support and input. Make sure to follow Kids College Childcare on facebook, watch for our regular emails and keep an eye on our Kids College website. Join our Kids College family community and share in our vision of creating the very best childcare where children experience love, laughter and learning every day. You can reach us on

With love, laughter and learning from your friends in the 
‘village it takes to raise a child’
Teacher Jen and the Kids College Childcare family