At Kids College Childcare we have a commitment to education and to building a lifelong love for learning. Not just for the children in our care but for us as adults too. We as educators are striving to be the best we can be and create the very best environment for children to thrive. We believe in the shared power of our talented team and enjoy a professional career path for learning. The magic of what we do every day is inspired by varied opportunities to be involved in, learn baby massage, use sign language, take the anxiety management training, invest in little goals and the big

We are part of The Play Charter, BeYou advocate for mental health in education, we are a Food Systems hero, we have a Reconciliation Action Plan that values our Australian indigenous community, we are part of the Telethon Institute’s Play Active project and a SeeMore Safety VIP advocate.

We might only be a small childcare in remote western Australia but each life we touch leaves it’s mark on our hearts. We want to make our little corner of the world a better place and know that we have ensured each person at Kids College has experienced love, laugher and learning every day.

Become part of a team that values you as part of our family

Kids College Childcare is an exceeding rated, stand-alone early childhood education and care long daycare service in Kallaroo in the northern suburbs of Perth.

Kids College is a quality childcare centre with an EXCEEDING THE NATIONAL STANDARDS rating on the old system in 2016 and again on the new system in 2019.

Kids College is proudly owned and managed by the Scafidas family. Nicholas and Craig Scafidas are our Directors, Wendy is our Administration Manger and Jennifer is our Manager, Nominated Supervisory Officer and Educational Leader. Our beautiful 17-year-old and 14-year-old daughters provide a child’s perspective.

We were very lucky and finally had our dream come true, to create a wonderful loving childcare for children to enjoy and for parents to trust.

With such a strong involved management team it is important to all of us to choose dedicated early childhood education professionals to work with.

Our staffing team is highly qualified and most importantly have a love for children and a passion for childcare in their blood. Kids College is our third child and we welcome you to our centre.

Be part of an exceeding childcare with easy and effective systems

Supportive and long term leadership with proven and easy to practice early childhood education structure to strengthen already exceeding practices building on our eleven year history of best practice.

Fantastic coastal location in Northern suburbs of Perth

Located in Perth Northern suburbs right next to a great shopping centre, close to restaurants and just down the road from pristine beaches, great for wonderful lunch breaks.

Job opportunities for all levels

  • Certificate III in Children’s Services trainees
  • Certificate III in Children’s Services graduates
  • Diploma in Children’s Services trainees
  • Diploma in children’s services graduates
  • Early Childhood Education degree students
  • Early Childhood Education Degree graduates

A career pathway that is yours to choose

  • Start your career at any age or stage of your life
  • Enjoy studying with the option to go on or stop at any level
  • Earn your Certificate III to become a qualified assistant in a year or two working full time or part time
  • Earn your Diploma to become a room leader in another year or two full time or part time
  • You can then get prior standing and go straight into Year 3 and 4 of a Bachelor of Education at Univeristy. There are further options to follow your career path with Masters of Education and a Doctorate of Education.

Study that suits you

  • Ideal opportunities for those on a gap year, those thinking of studying teaching and perfect to start your career pathway
  • Full pay, not traineeship wages
  • Earn while you learn
  • Gain practical experience during your study
  • Online study at your own pace
  • No expectation to go to classes
  • Our RTO comes to you to assess you.
  • Mentorship with our staffing team
  • Affordable study options
  • no more long unpaid practical’s

Professional development that works

  • Kids College invests unique professional development in you that is meaningful and practical to be the best you can be.
  • Additional valuable tried and tested professional development building strength in our chosen pathways
  • Tell us what training you feel you would like to follow

Become a specialist in teaching social emotional wellbeing

  • Exceptional training opportunities that makes a difference to your everyday lives in the classrooms
  • World class programs unique to Kids College
  • Behaviour guidance specialization
  • Anxiety management specialization
  • Mental health wellbeing program
  • Program applications for families to use at home too

Share your creative talents

  • Follow your creative passions, sewing, baking, knitting. Gardening, art with our children building quality learning opportunities for them whilst you enjoy what you love to do
  • Self-care involved more than exercise and meditation. Creativity is also a support for your well-being.

Minimise paperwork and spend more time being with your children

  • Easy and convenient EYLF set up with an eye to creating only valuable documentation and protecting your valuable time spent with the children.
  • Strong management team backup
  • Double Room Leaders to alleviate stress levels and fully support the very best education for children and educators.
  • No time navigating Apps that eat up your time

Exceptional hygiene practices to keep everyone healthy

  • In built relief staffing in our exclusive team ensures excellent quality care supporting our team and keeps everyone in good health
  • Dedicated maintenance team cleaning and keeping our service pristine

Kids College sense of community

  • Amazing little children growing up with us
  • Long term families we have known for years
  • Family celebrations, Mother’s day Father’s day and end of year party events
  • Parents Evenings

Have a work life balance with full time or part time options

  • Dual room leaders
  • Strong long term staff team
  • Flexible working hours with set and rotating shifts available
  • Part time job share offered
  • Full time options
  • Internal promotions

Be paid well in your dream job

  • Above award rate of pay
  • paid staff meetings
  • in built professional development structure
  • uniforms provided
  • opportunities for bonus’s
  • free parking
  • easy access to public transport
  • Job security

Be part of children’s families during the most important years of their lives.

You make a difference!

Get back to doing what you love.
Apply for a position at Kids College Childcare today

Send in your resume and we will help you set up your study and work pathway.

Kids College Childcare
34 Bridgewater drive
Western Australia

Tel 9401 0100

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Career pathways at Kids College

Perfect way of starting a career, taking a gap year or for more mature people who have always dreamt of working with children to have the opportunity to earn their qualification in a life friendly way. With such good work life set up at such an amazingly low price now is the time to take that leap of faith and start living your life with true job satisfaction where you are making a difference in a child’s world and they are making a difference in yours.

Kids College start off doing part time work and studying Cert III online through a traineeship to become a qualified assistant.

You can then proceed on if you would like to with a Diploma traineeship to become a qualified room leader.

There are further pathways into year 3 and year 4 of an Early Childhood Education degree at university to become an Early Childhood Teacher.

Or join our team with your chosen qualification and be inspired and valued as part of our amazing team of early childhood professionals.

Affordable training opportunity for everyone

The Australian Government have committed an additional $500 million to the Federal budget to help anyone enrolling in a childcare qualification, regardless of their age or employment status as stated in November 2021.

  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113) Was up to $7,860 NOW SLASHED to $1,200 for non-concession students and $400 for concession students and youth!
  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113) Was up to $7,860 NOW SLASHED to $1,200 for non-concession students and $400 for concession students and youth!

For more information on the funded training options, please visit

Online training

To support a healthy life and work balance we support online training. Your study timetable is yours to choose. Online learning with lecturers assisting you and coming into Kids College to see you. Strong mentorship with the Kids College team.


We also support traineeships (you can start at any age) that set you up with earning while learning accelerating your professional development. We mentor your journey along the way. Imagine working from day one in your chosen profession.

Practicum placement at Kids College

Complete your practicum in-service in your own ACECQA-approved centre-based early childhood education workplace. No more unpaid prac’s in a place you don’t know disrupting your personal and your work life.  You can carry on working at Kids College and complete your prac as part of your daily work life.

Recognition of prior learning

If you have already had some study or work experience gaining your next qualification is even easier using recognition of prior learning (RPL) where you can further accelerate your learning and that values the experiences you have had along the way.

Kids College preferred training organization is Australian Institute of Workplace Learning (AIWT)

Kids College works with AIWT Australian Institute of Workplace Training. AIWT is a registered training organisation with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) offering a range of nationally recognised qualifications. They are located right here in Perth.

AIWT offer CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care to become a qualified assistant and a CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care to become a Qualified Room leader.

All through online learning and your designated AIWT trainer supports your learning and regularly visits you at Kids College helping you through your course. Our traineeships support you to earn while you learn and gain valuable on the job training.

CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care to become a qualified assistant

This course will prepare you for a future career in early childhood education, providing a healthy, safe and caring environment for children. You will gain the skills to communicate and work collaboratively with educators, as well as to support the children’s holistic wellbeing, health and safety. You’ll learn how to interact and foster the development of the children while working within legal requirements and ensuring the children’s health and safety are not at risk.

Entry requirement is a completion of Year 10 and will take one to two years to complete. Offered as a full time or part time traineeship. Government funded traineeships are offered. You can start whenever you want. No set dates for start and finish course, you have the freedom to sign up anytime and start when it suits you.

CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care to become a Qualified Room leader

This qualification is for those wanting to take on higher levels of responsibility and leadership in an early childhood setting. You will learn how to design and implement the curriculum in children’s learning and development, and acquire the skills you need to foster the holistic development and wellbeing of children.

Entry Requirement is a completion of Year 12 or equivalent or a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and will take between one and two years to complete. Offered full time or part time traineeship. Traineeship and other Government funded programs are available. In most states this is the highest qualification required at director or service manager level for children’s service centre based care and education.No set dates for start and finish course, you have the freedom to sign up anytime and start when it suits you.

Kids College preferred University is the University of New England

University of New England (UNE) is an Australian University in Armidale New South Wales. For over 60 years, the University of New England has been a leader in providing distance education to students throughout Australia and the world.

UNE offers a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching) and further pathways to a Master of Education (Research) and a Doctor of Education.

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching)

This degree is designed to meet the Australian Government’s ACECQA requirements for Early Childhood Education and to qualify graduates as four-year trained Early Childhood Teachers.

If you’re committed to promoting young children’s learning from birth to five years and want to develop your knowledge and skills in early childhood education, the UNE Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching) is the degree for you. From contemporary theories to practical experience, your study will equip you with advanced knowledge and skills in a flexible and supportive online learning environment. We focus on you being able to integrate your learned knowledge and skills into the real world of work. Balance your study with other commitments by studying online across three study periods with 24/7 tutor support and fit study around work and family commitments.

Dedicated pathway to advanced standing

If you have an AQF Level 5 Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, and one year full-time post-Diploma work experience, UNE offers a generous two years of advanced standing in the four-year degree, so you only complete third and fourth-year units including 60 days of placement.

If you already have a three-year AQF Level 7 Bachelor-degree in Early Childhood, you get three years of advanced standing and will complete fourth-year units only, including 30 days of placement.

Complete your practicum in-service in your own ACECQA-approved centre-based early childhood education workplace. No more unpaid prac’s in a place you don’t know disrupting your personal and your work life.  You can carry on working at Kids College and complete your prac as part of your daily work life.

Transitioning from diploma to degree level studies can be challenging and this is a great opportunity for anyone. To see if this pathway is for you UNE offer a bridging unit (EDEC310) that equips you with the foundational academic skills to support your progress.

What does a day as an early childhood educator look like at Kids College Childcare?

We all arrive excited to start our day. It is heart-warming to see our children so excited to see us and we come in excited about all the wonderful opportunities we are planning for the day. Our chef brings us some yummy morning tea to fuel us for a big day ahead. We then get into the amazing activities that children love and learn from. Our days revolve around play-based learning that is child led. That simply means we ensure they take enjoyment and learn from each part of their day.

In lovely weather we enjoy outside time in our amazing playground running around, playing games, making mud pies, pretending in cubby houses, dashing around on trikes, even enjoying art in our art atelier.

When our little people start getting tired, we enjoy a calming mat session of stories, songs, yoga, sign language, puppet shows, rhymes. Our chefs provide a wholesome and delicious freshly cooked lunch. Then we go into peaceful mode settling our little ones to sleep or helping them, just rest and take a moment of quiet.

Then it’s back into activities times as they surface from their rest ready for more in our action-packed day either inside or outside. Enjoying playdough, art, craft, games, obstacle courses, goop, cutting, gluing, pretty much anything you can think off. Before long it is time for a quick afternoon tea top up to revive us for the afternoon of even more amazing activities.

It is supurb watching them in the afternoons playing with such energy, enjoying magical worlds of their imaginations. It is very special watching our children squeal in delight seeing their mums and dads at pick up time. At the end of the day we all head home having had a fun filled and busy day looking forward to tomorrows adventures.

What do our Assistant level educators do?

Our assistants enjoy their days facilitating the children’s play-based learning, ensuring hygienic practices are followed, enhancing all activities, developing a strong relationship with each child and their families whilst caring for infants and young children addressing their social, emotional, physical, and educational needs.

We provide children with a healthy, safe, and caring environment. Communicate and collaborate with other educators, as well as support the holistic welfare, health, and safety of children. Connect with children and encourage their growth while adhering to legal regulations and ensuring that the children’s health and safety.

What do our qualified room heads do?

Our room heads take on more responsibility and leadership roles creating and implementing a curriculum for children’s learning and development, while supporting children’s overall growth and well-being. They oversee designing, implementing, and administering programmes for children, in compliance with licencing, accreditation, and duty of care regulations.

Our room heads enjoy leading the learning for our children and assessing their progress to ensure all the children are getting the most out of their days. They head up the teamwork in each room and facilitate the optimum environment for learning. Deeper level of relationships with families and children whereby they facilitate a day perfectly designed for each individual.

What do our early childhood teachers do?

Our early childhood teachers are specialists in our Kindy program to bolster children’s learning and provide a Kindy program on a par to a Kindy at a school, enabling a smooth transition when children continue their learning journey at school when they start pre-school. They design, implement, and administer programmes for children in compliance with licencing, accreditation, and duty of care regulations. Have a broad knowledge of theories of child development, pedagogy and practices with early childhood professional practice including leadership, management and administration, professional identity and development, advocacy and research.

Quote from Kids College Philosophy

‘We have a positive workplace culture that values and supports our profession as early childhood educators. We believe in our team of enthusiastic educators who genuinely enjoy being part of children’s lives and enjoy creating warm responsive relationships with a foundation based in secure bonding and attachments.’

‘We value our collaborative partnerships with professional, community and research organisations and enjoy playing an active role in shaping the future of early childhood education.’

‘We believe in advocating for the importance of early childhood education, researching and experimenting with new ideas to inspire and create better outcomes for all children.

National Quality Standards

4.1.1 The organisation of educators across the service supports children’s learning and development.

4.1.2 Every effort is made for children to experience continuity of educators at the service.

4.2.1 Management, educators and staff work with mutual respect and collaboratively, and challenge and learn from each other, recognising each other’s strengths and skills.

Kids College family

At Kids College we work each day embedding our values and philosophy into each facet of what we do. We continually improve our practices by critically reflecting and engaging in meaningful relationships with our community and for this we need your support and input. Make sure to follow Kids College Childcare on facebook, watch for our regular emails and keep an eye on our Kids College website. Join our Kids College family community and share in our vision of creating the very best childcare where children experience love, laughter and learning every day. You can reach us on

With love, laughter and learning from your friends in the
‘village it takes to raise a child’
Teacher Jen and the Kids College Childcare family